Commercial Floor Systems for the Health and Safety of Your Facility and Your Business

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Date: 07 Apr, 2020| Posted: Focus Flooring & Construction Inc.


Enhanced cleanliness and sanitization have never been more critical than they are right now.

As things open up, cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing protocols have been widely enacted to ensure everyone’s health and safety.

We are becoming used to all of the new protocols, from frequent hand-washing and sanitizing to newly instituted commercial cleaning regimens that include the regular disinfecting of high-touch surfaces such as gas pumps, grocery carts, and doorknobs. But what about the other frequent source of transmission for pathogens? Commercial floors.


Innovative commercial flooring materials up to the new demands

Fortunately, in advance of the COVID-19 pandemic, commercial flooring has evolved from traditional materials to a range of more durable and hygienic applications. In particular, those places where there is a higher incidence of bacterial activity and the spread of infection and pathogens – commercial kitchens and hospitals, for instance.

Increasingly, laboratory, veterinary clinic, food production facility, and public restroom floors are being replaced by safer, more sanitary materials.
For a long time, sectioned materials such as vinyl and grouted tile were the go-to for strong and long-lasting flooring surfaces. Unfortunately, while durable and attractive, the seams and grout lines actually harbor germs and contribute to the spread of pathogens.

Likewise, unsealed concrete. Popular for the sheer durability and long-lasting quality, concrete floors can be a great choice for commercial flooring. But, without a high-quality floor system, its pores can provide safe harbor to germs and the growth of bacteria.

New commercial flooring materials offer durability, safety, and enhanced sanitization

Epoxy and urethane floor systems, and polished concrete floors, provide a surface that is solid and very easy to clean and maintain. It prevents the absorption of liquids and does not offer a refuge for germs and bacteria.

It’s not unusual for these materials to also contain anti-microbial additives to help prevent germs and molds. And not just on the floor’s surface, but throughout the entire coating material, to ensure consistent high-quality performance.

Many commercial and industrial spaces – kitchens, clinics, and hospitals – fight the spread of germs and bacteria and the floor systems listed above are very easy to. Clean and disinfect. An epoxy, urethane, or polished concrete floor system is designed to withstand the impact of harsh chemical cleaners. The right commercial floor system will protect your floor.


A choice of commercial flooring systems

Our expert flooring mechanics have perfected the installation of a range of high-performance flooring systems. This experience and expertise allow us to serve customers in a variety of different industries and sectors.

Some of the flooring we offer includes epoxy mortar systems, urethane mortar systems, polished concrete, chemical resistant and engineered coatings, and many others.

Our painting methods include airless spraying, HVLP spraying, brushing, and rolling. Paints we use can include latex, acrylic, oil-based, anti-static, direct to metal, Optibond and others.


Floor preparation for painting

FFC prepares floors with a shot blasting technique — using specialized equipment to ensure optimal adhesion between the floor and the floor system.

Another technique to prepare floors, is a grinding process using planetary grinders to clean and remove the existing concrete finish.

Between our thorough preparation and our expert application – our rigorously tested techniques ensure consistent quality and resilience long-term.


Industry leaders in commercial floor painting

At Focus Flooring & Construction (FFC), our consistent quality of service combined with exceptional grade of materials and application has helped established us as leaders in the industry.

It begins by understanding the specific needs of each and every client we serve. We explore the demands on their space, what they want to achieve, as well as the challenges they’ve experienced, and we make a detailed commercial flooring Solution.

We complete each project with our warranty – our guarantee to continue to ensure that the flooring system we’ve installed performs as intended for a long time to come.

Focus Flooring & Construction Inc. is a leader in commercial flooring and special coatings throughout the province of Ontario. We complete commercial flooring projects for industries from automotive, retail, manufacturing, medical, chemical plants, new construction and many, many more.

FFC provides our clients with the peace of mind and satisfaction that they have received the highest quality of service, product, and application. Helping to make your facility world class and hygienic is what we do.


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