Need Tank Lining? 5 Reasons You Should Line or Reline Your Tanks

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Date: 17 Dec, 2020| Posted: Focus Flooring & Construction Inc.

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Time, the elements, and the contents of your tank will inevitably diminish the tank’s integrity. Tank lining will protect them.

Concrete, steel, and other surface materials are vulnerable to erosion – exposure to acids, chemicals, and even water over a long period of time – leaving the tanks’ contents vulnerable to contamination.

There is a solution, however. Industrial tank linings can protect your tanks, whether they hold potable water, oil or fuel, chemicals, or just about any other material. Especially engineered to resist numerous containment environments and exposure, including heat, hazardous chemicals, and high pressure, tank lining provides the necessary protection.

What are the benefits of quality tank lining?

Prevent the potentially costly and harmful effects of erosion with a proper tank lining as you ensure the tank’s longevity. At Focus Flooring & Construction Inc. (FFC), we apply the following systems, applications, and formulas to industrial tanks:

  • Tank Lining Systems
  • Trowel applied Mortars
  • Fiberglass reinforced linings
  • Steel and Concrete Coatings
  • Fiberglass tank repairs


  • Chemical Storage tanks
  • Trenches
  • Sump pits
  • Food grade tanks
  • Petroleum Storage tanks

We leverage specialized expertise to help you choose the appropriate tank lining systems for your needs – tanks, silos, pipes and many other structures.

Here are the many ways tank lining will provide significant benefit:

1. Protection from corrosion

The fact is, exposure to the elements and the variety of contents, industrial tanks can be vulnerable to corrosion in addition to just general industrial wear and tear. It’s a natural phenomenon founded on the scientific fundamentals of chemistry, electricity, and metallurgy. The application of a quality, specialized lining can effectively, and long-term, prevent damaging corrosion.

2. Enhanced safety

Deterioration can compromise the integrity of the safety of the tank or the contents contained within. A lining or relining project should include a full assessment to ensure that the most appropriate tank lining product and process. New lining assures that the tank as well as its contents aren’t vulnerable to bacteria, mould, and other contaminants that can negatively impact the material. The corrosion of a water tank, for instance, can cause micro-aquatic bacterial development. These bacterias can include: biofilms, Pseudomonas, Legionella, and other types of pathogens known to be waterborne. Lining a steel water tanks helps mitigate this kind of harmful bacteria growth.

3. Cost effective

Lining or relining an eroding tank will be more economical than replacing the tank altogether. Replacing a compromised tank will include the costs of its safe removal and, of course, the costs associated with purchasing new. Lining or relining a tank is proven to be the more efficient solution compared to replacement. It also significantly reduces downtime or disruption of operations during installation. Quality lining will also assure the longevity and integrity of the tank, saving you significantly over the long-term.

4. Reduce the ingress of various elements

Leaking, either from the exterior (air and water) or from the inside-out (the contents of the tank) can be harmful all round. And leaks aren’t uncommon, particularly in tanks where the mastic between the joints has deteriorated to the point of losing vital elasticity. The application of a specialized lining will successfully seal the cracks, even those that may not be visible to the naked eye.

5. Reduces difficult maintenance

Fresh, new industrial tank lining creates a virtually impermeable industrial tank interior surface. With a quality liner application and process, the surface will last for years as a durable and smooth finish that is easy to clean, and more importantly, easy and less costly to maintain.

An extra benefit, an appropriate industrial tank lining that’s been expertly applied is flexible and can adapt to any structural shift. As a result, the liner will contract and expand to help protect the integrity of the tank structure.

When tanks have been restored, inside and out, it improves the safety and longevity of industrial and commercial tanks.

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