Sand Blasting & Ice Blasting – The Key to A Long-Lasting and Durable Finish

Modern Warehouse Flooring
Date: 17 Dec, 2020| Posted: Focus Flooring & Construction Inc.
commercial sandblasting and painting
Before and after shot of a 15,000+ square foot corrugated ceiling deck. The ceiling was in bad shape, with peeling and corrosion on over 75% of the surface area – blasted and cleaned to ensure optimal adhesion.

Our Ice blasting, or sandblasting, process of surface preparation ensures that the final results are World Class.

Sandblasting and ice blasting are commonly used to remove paint, dirt, grime, and rust from a range of surfaces throughout a wide variety of industries. The process of sand blasting and ice blasting works by projecting sand and dry ice at extreme speed and pressure at the surface we are preparing. This is the very best method of preparation.


Why Focus Flooring & Construction Inc. is your best choice!

To ensure your facility is world class, we know what it takes to provide the very best results. We offer each client a detailed plan for each specific project.

To do our work most successfully, we own all of the equipment we use, and our expert team have been trained extensively in the use of every piece of equipment. We follow, to the letter, manufacturer recommendations and the required specifications for each job.

Good preparation is literally the foundation to getting quality, long-lasting, and durable results. We assure each and every client that they are receiving the absolute highest quality of product, service, and workmanship when they partner with Focus Flooring & Construction Inc.

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