Epoxy Commercial Flooring Restoration

Focus Flooring & Construction was invited in by a rubber manufacturer in Ontario to assess, evaluate and come up with a solution for 6000 square feet of deteriorating floor. FFC’s process of evaluating a commercial floor is a standard operating procedure that is completed on every project we are involved in. The process involves taking measurements, pictures, slab temperature and identifying problem areas, which include oily areas, cracked concrete, holes, divots and moving concrete.


The Problem


After assessing the floor, it was apparent that the floor was in need of a significant amount of help. Majority of the floor area was riddled with cracks, divots, and holes. (some as deep as 6 inches) This floor was old and not in use, however the purpose of restoring the area was that this company required additional space to install new equipment.

We always communicate with our customer to understand their needs and to explain our findings. This particular project the customer was working with constraints including timeline, and budget. Their requirements were that they needed a smooth floor, and a durable floor that can withstand heavy equipment. The floor needed to be easy to clean and something that would be aesthetically pleasing for plant tours.


The Solution


We tailored a specific flooring system to meet every need of the customer. We recommended a commercial flooring system that:

  • Provided significant cost savings from their quotes to remove and re pour the concrete.
  • Ensured longevity due to the durability and compressive strength of the system.
  • Easy cleanability and non-slip.
  • And a system that looks fantastic once completed.

The system was epoxy grout and then epoxy mortar. After providing a detailed explanation of the flooring system, investment to complete the project, timeline, and colour samples the customer was ready to move forward with the project.


The Installation


We began preparing this commercial floor system by shot blasting the entire surface. Shot blasting is the process of propelling tiny steel beads at extreme force into the concrete to provide a profile. This preparation method ensures maximum adhesion. All edges of the floor area were hand ground. All hole’s divots and cracks were jack hammered to remove loose and failing concrete, and they were pre patched with epoxy grout. Then floor was primed and we troweled epoxy mortar over the entire floor area at 3/8 of an inch.

Once the epoxy mortar had cured, we applied the first coat of 100% solids epoxy coating and broadcasted texture into the areas around man doors which are typically slippery. We returned the next day and applied the second coat of 100% solid epoxy coating.

industrial flooring systems
industrial flooring systems


We were able to deliver the industrial grade floor to our customer in 4 days. They were able to begin installing equipment on the morning of day 6. The customer is thrilled with their new floor. We were able to come in on budget, on time, and they now have a floor that is extremely strong and aesthetically pleasing. We provided them with a 5-year warranty.

At Focus Flooring & Construction Inc. we make facilities world class and we stand behind our work.