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Focus Flooring and Construction provides Industrial, commercial and retail services anywhere in Canada. No Project is too far or too large.


Interested in renovation services for your warehouse or other space? We offer many services to Industries including epoxy flooring, painting, and secondary containment.


Looking for durable and beautiful construction and flooring solutions? FFC specializes in decorative flooring and painting for your office spaces. Options are available for any size business.


Focus Flooring & Construction provides highly customizable decorative flooring and construction options for your retail space. Our experts can help you find the solutions that work for you and your budget.

Focus Flooring & Construction Inc.

Discover the transformative power of a well-designed and professionally installed flooring system for your commercial and industrial spaces. At Focus Flooring, we specialize in providing top-notch flooring and construction services across Canada. With expertise in epoxy, polyurethane, and polished concrete installations, we bring your exclusive designs to life while prioritizing customer satisfaction. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your flooring not only enhances the aesthetics of your space but also provides durability and functionality. Trust us to deliver honesty, quality, and exceptional results that will elevate your business to new heights. Experience the difference of a perfectly crafted flooring system tailored to your needs.

Focused on Results


When it comes to flooring FFC has many different areas of expertise. Epoxy,  Urethane, and Polished Concrete to name a few. Customizations for any size space are available to suit the needs of your project.


Focus Flooring and Construction's General Construction division can handle all your renovation needs. Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, Framing, Drywall, Concrete Pads, and much more.


FFC is a leader in the installation of wall, ceiling and special coatings across Canada. Through completion of millions of square feet of painting, we have been able to tailor our approach to provide the best results when it comes to painting projects.

Tanks & Linings

Our certified experts have helped to make tanks and linings a core specialty for FFC. Tank Lining Systems, Trowel applied Mortars, Fiberglass tank repairs, Chemical Storage tanks, Food grade tanks, Petroleum Storage tanks, and more.

Secondary Containment

Focus Flooring and Constuction is able to supply and install the best spill / secondary containment solution for a wide variety of applications. FFC is ready to take on your next project. Call us now for your free secondary containment membrane & linings quote.

Concrete Restoration

If you are looking for Concrete Reinforcement, Epoxy and Urethane Crack Injection, Trench repairs, Floor crack and joint Repair, Concrete Removal and Replacement, or Resurfacing then FFC has the experience to take on your project.

Choose Focus Flooring and Construction for Unmatched Expertise and Exceptional Results

Focus Flooring, your ultimate solution for all your construction and flooring needs. With a solid reputation in the industry, our certified experts bring you unparalleled expertise and craftsmanship. What sets us apart is our commitment to fostering growth and excellence within our team, ensuring our customers receive top-notch service. From timely responses to staying within budget, our transparent approach guarantees satisfaction and builds lasting loyalty. Experience the results-driven approach of Focus Flooring and unlock the true potential of your space. Focused On Results.


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Commercial & Industrial Projects

Discover the remarkable benefits of concrete flooring for your commercial and industrial spaces with Focus Flooring and Construction. Our extensive range of concrete flooring solutions is designed to meet the unique needs of your business. From small-scale projects to larger ventures, our team of certified experts utilizes their creativity and technical expertise to deliver exceptional results. By choosing concrete flooring, you can enjoy unparalleled durability, easy maintenance, and a sleek, modern aesthetic. With our unwavering commitment to communication and customer satisfaction, we ensure that every step of the process is tailored to your specific requirements. As a Canadian-owned and operated business, we are proud sponsors of local causes in Ontario. Experience the transformative power of concrete flooring with Focus Flooring and Construction. Focused on results, we are your trusted partner for all your commercial and industrial construction needs. Contact us to learn more.