industrial flooring systems

Epoxy Flooring & Polished Concrete Floors

Focus Flooring & Construction Inc. (FFC) is the leader within the flooring industry through our quality service and application of various epoxy floor systems & polished concrete floors. Our process begins with understanding exactly what the client is looking to achieve with their new floor system and the problems they are currently experiencing. By discovering what the floor’s primary use is and details regarding the current floor we can establish a plan to install the very best flooring system for each of our Clients. Our detailed plan for each specific project starts with the best preparation methods, the best flooring system for the project, and ends with our warranty. Our warranty allows our clients to be rest assured that FFC has and will continue to ensure that their flooring system performs exactly as intended. We make it a point to involve our Customers in every aspect of the decision-making process from the start of the project to the very end so there are absolutely no surprises as transparency is our standard at FFC.

Case Study

View the before and after of a flooring restoration project in Ontario.

Preparation methods

    • Shot Blasting, a process in which we use special equipment to project a large number of small steel balls into the surface of the floor to ensure optimal adhesion.
    • Grinding, a process in which we use planetary grinders to clean and remove existing coating on concrete.
    • All of our equipment is owned andv all of our employees are full-time and have been extensively trained on the use of each and every piece of it. Our clients can be sure that they are receiving the highest quality of workmanship when partnering with FFC.

Industrial Grade Flooring Systems

Our flooring mechanics have perfected the installation of many different flooring systems in order to service clients across many different industries. Some of the flooring systems that we offer include:

    • Epoxy Mortar systems
    • Urethane Mortar and Slurry systems
    • Antistatic Epoxy floor coatings
    • Decorative Epoxy floor systems
    • 100% Solid Epoxy floor systems
    • Chemical resistant coatings
    • Polished Concrete
    • Parking Deck Traffic Coatings


We offer many customizable options for each flooring system to ensure that we are providing our Clients with the very best fit for their facility. Some of the customizable options include; Chemical resistance, slip resistance, coving, Logo embedding, and custom colours.

At FFC we believe that we are the very best, and when it comes to installing floor systems our work speaks for itself. If you are looking to have a floor system installed, regardless of the size, call FFC and we will generate a plan to give you a top performance floor system today.