Tank Linings
Industrial Tank Linings

Tanks & Linings

Erosion of steel, concrete and other surfaces are often caused by long term exposure to water, acids or other chemicals. This scenario can almost always be avoided when the proper lining is installed by Focus Flooring & Construction Inc. (FFC). The following are some of the systems, applications, and formulas we apply at FFC:

  • Tank Lining Systems
  • Trowel applied Mortars
  • Fiberglass reinforced linings
  • Steel and Concrete Coatings
  • Fiberglass tank repairs

Commercial Applications

  • Chemical Storage tanks
  • Trenches
  • Sump pits
  • Food grade tanks
  • Petroleum Storage tanks

At FFC we have the expertise to walk you through the correct industrial lining systems for the protection or restoration of your tanks, silos, pipes and many other structures. Our experts are NACE Certified Inspectors and they will recommend the best system, and best application process for your commercial project.

Another Successful Project

The fuel tanks have been restored on the inside and out, helping to improve the longevity and safety of the commercial tanks. The pipes connected to the fuel tanks have also been fixed, cleaned up and clearly labelled to minimize human error and loss.

We are proud to continuously deliver our specialized industrial tank services on time and on budget.