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Secondary Containment Linings & Membranes

Focus Flooring & Construction Inc. (FFC) is a leader in installing industrial membranes and linings in secondary containment areas. Spills and leaks of hazardous material can cause structural erosion and can contaminate the ground beneath a facility. Our job is to install the very best spill containment system to ensure a spill or leak does not end in massive damage or a large repair cost, but rather is contained to the secondary containment area.

Every containment area is different therefore the need to assess the project and ensure the correct system is being installed is paramount. At FFC we walk our Clients through the entire process, we help them to understand Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) to determine which system is best. All of our secondary containment work is backed with a guaranteed warranty. It is our mission to protect your facility and reputation.

Through our team of full-time skilled mechanics and inspectors we have the expertise and equipment to do the job right, on time and on budget. The following are some of the areas our systems are used:

  • Chemical Storage Areas
  • Fuel Storage Areas
  • Tank Farms
  • Secondary Containment for Plating Lines

FFC is able to supply and install the best spill / secondary containment solution for a wide variety of applications. FFC is ready to take on your next project.  Call us now for your free secondary containment membrane & linings quote in Ontario, Canada.